Welcome to Share Gaddi. A fast growing community app for all your commuting needs. Signing up on Share Gaddi is quick and easy. Just download the Share Gaddi App from Google Play store. Use your email ID and Phone Number to sign up in seconds. Complete the sign up process by clicking the sign up tab and you are ready to use Share Gaddi.
If you did not receive the activation code, please try the resend option. If you still do not receive, don’t worry. Write a mail to and we will send the activation code.
In order to search for a ride as a traveller you don’t need to sign-up. When you found a ride you are interested in and want to book it, then you will need to sign-up as only registered members can book a ride. If you are a car-owner offering ride, you will first need to sign-up. It is free and easy to join the Share Gaddi community for both car-owners and travellers.
Please enter the correct user name and password to log-in and if you are doing so and still not able to log-in, please write an email to with your registered contact number. One of our customer service executive will get back to you.
In order to build a reliable and trustworthy Share Gaddi community, it’s mandatory to verify your ID. This also enables us to verify your age as you should be 18 years and above to use our services. Also, this will boost your profile and increase the chances of other members choosing to travel with you. Your license will be verified by us and will not be shared with anyone else and neither it will be visible to the members visiting your profile. They will only see a label driver’s license verified displayed on your profile.
Adding a photo to your profile is important as everybody feels more comfortable when they can see who they are travelling with. It is to improve the trust level of Share Gaddi riders. On an average, people with profile photo are more likely to get contacted. So, we request that you add a photo, it only takes a minute.
This issue may arise as you may have not completed all the mandatory fields before you can publish an offer. You need to state the departure and arrival cities, specifying the exact locations, the number of available seats and the date and time of your departure. These are all essential pieces of information about your journey as you can’t plan a ride without them.
When you get a booking request, a notification SMS and email will be sent on your registered phone number and email ID. You can reply directly to the SMS by replying YES to approve or NO to decline. Or you can follow the link in the email to sign-in and approve or decline the booking request. Once you have approved the booking, the number of seats available shown on your offered ride is automatically updated and you will get the co-traveller’s phone number or you can chat with each other with in-app chat interface to arrange the final details of the ride.
Offering a ride with Share Gaddi is easy. All you need to do is log in and tap Share and then tap on Create Ride + and then follow the steps given below:
Open the Share Gaddi app and enter in your location and where you want to go and confirm. Drivers travelling to your location will be shown, you can choose the one that suits you best and then choose the number of seats and click on book. Some drivers will let you book instantly while others choose to review booking requests. Once they accept your booking, you will get a confirmation with the driver’s phone number. Connect with them to get the details of the ride.