Our Benefits

Save Money and Time

Cut down your fuel bills when you carpool with Share Gaddi. It also saves time as you don’t have to wait in queues for buses, autos or local trains. What more, we help you save on the cost of vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Every car annually emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Carpooling with Share Gaddi, helps you reduce that amount significantly. Carpool to and from work or to another city and cut your transportation emission number to half.

Reduction in Traffic Congestion

An average Indian during peak hours spends about 3 hours and 43 minutes on the road every day. Carpooling with us takes another car off the road, which means less congested roads and highways.

Safe Journey

Not only travelling in groups is safer than on your own, but with options like Drivers and Passengers rating system, mobile and email verification, carpooling with Share Gaddi is safer.

Meet New People

If travelling alone seems boring to you, then carpooling is the way to go. Carpooling with ShareGaddi not only keeps you company during the ride but also helps you meet new and interesting people from your own city and make friends.

Scheduled Rides

Ride-sharing services offer an estimated pick-up time, that can change based on traffic, vehicle type and other roadside issues. With Share Gaddi, you can schedule your rides to eliminate worries about arriving late.

How It Works

  • Search Rides By Entering Destination
  • Select Date and Go
  • Communicate with Instant Chat
  • See your Cost Upfront
  • Pay In-App or Cash As You Like

Empowering People to Travel Safely & Conveniently

Our Features


We have a multi-level verification system which ensures that you travel with the trusted people and have a secure ride.

Instant Chat

Share Gaddi offers messaging facility to help car owners and ride requesters to chat together about their commute instantly.

One User Multiple Vehicles

Have Multiple Cars? Share on Share Gaddi. We offer the users to add multiples vehicles with just a few clicks and track them too.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay as they like with multiple payment methods which include cash as well.

Manage Rides

Customers can manage their current and pending rides requests in one place.

Route Matching

Share Gaddi has a flexible yet brilliant route-matching algorithm to ensure you get the best rides while ensuring comfort.

Our Blog

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